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The second biggest private bus operating company in Finland Savonlinja and Cubescom have been successfully collaborating for quite a long time. The result of the last project is the new ERP system tailored specifically for Savonlinja needs.

Savonlinja Oy is in 1924 founded a family-owned company employing over 600 transport professionals. Savonlinja operates with over 450 buses, mainly in Eastern and South-Eastern Finland, the Helsinki metropolitan area and the Turku region. Each year the company carries approximately 12 million passengers, and the buses run more than 25 million kilometers.

The bus operating has changed a lot during last year due to changes in the legislation and tightening competition. The changes in operating environment have created challenges for the business processes and bus operating activities-related management systems are expected to show higher performance and provide integration to other systems.

Managing director Harri Leskinen from Savonlinja tells about the situation:

“At first, we started to renew our current ERP system. However, we figured out that soon we would need a completely new system to cope with the pressure that the changes in the operating environment present”. Leskinen explains why the project has been given to Cubescom: “We have already done successful cooperation earlier and we knew that they were capable of delivering the system that would satisfy our requirements”.

Right now, Savonlinja is using an ERP system that provides management of contracts and vehicles’ information, customer data, bus station activities, transactions and account statements as well as integration to multiple systems. The new system helps to cope with the challenges and requirements that came along the legislation changes.

Photo: Marko Laukkarinen