Göliska IT:ssä ollaan tyytyväisiä Clearpulse-järjestelmän hankintaan Uncategorized

Göliska IT is a company owned by five municipalities located in the southern Sweden. The company takes care of various IT services and provides technical support for the customers. Göliska IT were looking for a management tool that would enhance efficiency, improve customer service and bring cost savings. After the competition, Göliska IT chose Clearpulse because it turned out to be the best system which could provide the sufficient solutions for the addressed challenges.

Göliska IT provides a wide range of IT services, supplies their customers with IT systems, equipment and user support. The systems specialist Christer Dahlberg from Göliska IT explains the reasoning behind the need to get a new system:

We were looking for a management tool that could handle, for instance, customer invoicing and provide control over the IT operations and infrastructure of our customers as well as take care of contracts and software licenses.”

Göliska IT has conducted a preliminary research and got companies competing for the project. As different offers were considered, Clearpulse turned out to be the best system which could provide the sufficient solutions for the addressed challenges.

The project took longer than expected since Göliska IT inner processes and business routines had to be updated at the same time. The adoption of the system itself has been very smooth and quick. The key features that contributed into the success of system implementation are its scalability and flexibility, meaning it is possible to choose only the required system modules and expand the system later if necessary with one module at a time.

Christer Dahlberg says that the company is highly satisfied with the outcomes of the project:

After Clearpulse has been taken in use we are able to offer more accurate and well-documented information to our customers about their IT assets and give them a tool to keep track of their assets and expenses in greater detail.”

 In addition to this, Clearpulse has increased company’s efficiency in terms of time saving because all the necessary components could be found from the same system: the assets documentation, equipment life cycle information, all the devices, applications and cost division data. Also, Clearpulse is highly praised for its user friendliness by its users who consider it among the best features of the system. The cooperation between Cubescom and Göliska IT developed smoothly. Christer Dahlberg comments on the productive collaboration as it continues:

It was pleasant to do business with Cubescom. We’ve got all the support and guidance when needed both in technical questions and regarding the issues related to system implementation.”

Picture: Göliska IT